Vampires: The New Blood:    Narrator      

Runeous: Soldier Y    

Lost in the Drift: Jarid Ryder    

Legend of the Seven Dragons: Old Man    

Headshot Game: Announcer & All Playable Classes    

Beyond Despair: Madman    

Wizard Wins Virtual Slot Machine: The Wizard, The Cowardly Lion, and The Scarecrow

Investory: Doctor Henry Moles

Cybervoid: Serrathen, Void, Soldier

Deliver Us From Evil: Troy

Genshin Impact: Katou Youhei, Fukami, Luka


Rumble Garanndoll: Additional Voices (Otaku, Male Citizen, Male Higher-Up, Male French Resistance Member)

The Ice Forest: Lorenzo, Dario

Love Is Not Perfect: Marco

The Stone Eater: Ettore, Boerio, Sergio

The Reunion: Inspector Hartog, Mr. Groesman, Bart, Donnie, Additional Voices (Receptionist, Elevator Guy, Car Accident Guy)

Gold Digger: Esa Ryynanen, Otto

The Price of Crime: Faraone, Padre di Marcello, Cicciobello, Banditore Asta, Lampados, Filippo, Additional Voices (Random Male Voice, Policeman in Jail, New Gang Member)

Wonderland: Peter, Additional Voices (Policeman 1, Call Center Phone Guy 1, Meeting Room Guy 1, Football Game Announcer, Store Security, TV News Voice Male, Policeman 3, Man on Roof 1, Walkie Talkie)


Prophecy Slam Trailer        

Game Dev Kickstarter Trailer    

TechGuilds Services Video: Orfaly Inc.

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Full Circle (Time Will Tell Series Book 5)

The Immortality Blues (Time Will Tell Series Book 6) 

Four Days From Yesterday (Time Will Tell Series Book 7)

Psych Ward (Assassin’s Memoirs Series Book 1)

The Last Hero

Bigfoot War Movie Edition

Item and Time (Eleventh Percent Series Book 2)

Lifeblood (Eleventh Percent Series Book 3)

Inimincus (Eleventh Percent Series Book 4)

Gaslighter (Eleventh Percent Series Book 5)

The Three Magical Books of Solomon

The Millenial Manifesto

Breakdown on Blowhard Mountain

The Prison

In Sheep’s Clothing

Skin Like Tanned Leather

Three Apologies of G.K. Chesterton

The Original Grimms Fairy Tales

My Paranormal Journal: Volume One

The Dark Ages: Book 1 of 3

The Cold Winter

The Cold Winter 2

Twist of Fate

The Original Folk and Fairy Tales of Grimm Brothers

Umbra Online: Halgor’s Horde

Proof: The Novel


The Emerald Tablet of Hermes & The Kybalion


Fortune Cookie

The Gathering

Never Been Traced

Boston Black Ops

Everything You Need to Ace Math in One Big Fat Notebook

Laconics of Cult

The Drug Essays


Bring Her Back

Demon Marked

Going for 60

The Holy Science

Explore, Connect, Invest, and Enjoy

To Kill a Priest

To Kill an Assassin

Nicholas Dunn: the Making of a Texas Legend

Nueces Deceit

The Zodiac and the Salts of Salvation

Proof: Rise of the Watchers

Demon Kissed

Demon Huntress

Demon Desire

Transcendental Magic

Fundamentals For Life

Rags to Riches

Crypto for Newbies

The Decade of Cryptocurrencies: Long Term Investing in Blockchain-Based Assets

Ally Guardian of Worlds: Gabriel

The Light of Egypt

The Perfect Athlete

Extreme Weight Loss

Ukraine Vs Russia

Melchizidek and the Mystery of Fire


The Perfect Athlete 2


Short stories   

Various Reviews/Articles   

3D Super Hero Chess (Google Play Store)   

The Citadel


Whispers in the Night Podcast    various episodes    Narrator    

Voice Actors Showcase Podcast    Episode 11